Lou Correa

a) Who is Lou Correa?

Lou Correa is a democratic congressman.

b) Why did people at the airport call Correa a «liar» and a «rat»?

The republic people at the airport does not believe in the US being a democratic country.

c) Why have people lost faith in democracy? Name three reasons.

  1. People are getting their main source of information from non-profesionals on the internet.
  2. Some people feel that the democracy has not been able or willing to keep up with the changing nature of society.
  3. The people are more open to the idea of having a non-democratic goverment and the posibility of alternatives, such as army rule or having a strong, independent leader.

d) What made Correa hopeful about the future of democracy?

He was hopeful about the future of democracy because under the Capitol storming, Democrats and Republicans came together to help and protect each other.

f) What is the difference between the word «capital» and «Capitol» used in this text?

A capital is the centre-city in a country, whilst the Capitol is a building where people in power meet to discuss.

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