September elections

There was an election in Canada on September the 20th. The results showed that the Liberal party won with 47.0% (5, 542, 360 votes) with the Conservative party in second with 35.2% (5, 730, 515 votes). The Liberal party had 159 electoral districts, while the conservative party only had 119.

In Russa the election was held from the 17th – 19th. United Russia won the election with 28, 064, 258 votes, or 49.82% of the votes. In second place came the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with 18.93% (10, 660, 599 votes).

Germany’s election on the 26th ended with SPD (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) won the electon with 25.7% (11, 949, 756 votes). Not far behind in second came CDU/CSU (unofficially the Union parties) 24, 1% (11, 173, 806 votes).

The Independence Party won the election in Iceland with 24.4% (48, 708 votes). In second place came the Progressive Party with 17.3% (34, 501 votes). The election washeld on the 25th of september to elect new members to Althing.

Norway had an election in which The Labour Party (Ap (Arbeiderpartiet)) won the election with 26.3% of the votes (783, 335). The Conservative Party (H (Høyre)) claimed second place with 20.5% (607, 291).

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