September elections

There was an election in Canada on September the 20th. The results showed that the Liberal party won with 47.0% (5, 542, 360 votes) with the Conservative party in second with 35.2% (5, 730, 515 votes). The Liberal party had 159 electoral districts, while the conservative party only had 119. In Russa the election wasFortsett å lese «September elections»

Lou Correa

a) Who is Lou Correa? Lou Correa is a democratic congressman. b) Why did people at the airport call Correa a «liar» and a «rat»? The republic people at the airport does not believe in the US being a democratic country. c) Why have people lost faith in democracy? Name three reasons. People are gettingFortsett å lese «Lou Correa»

ME! or…?

YES! This is me, Brage. 🙂 This will be a place for me to work on my English school stuff. This includes English. English is useful when speaking with Emily and other people from around the world. I go to secondary school art class, with english on the side. 🙂 I’m going to be postingFortsett å lese «ME! or…?»

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